Mike Bell

DevOps Engineer - Remote & Manchester UK

About me

DevOps Engineer that focuses on improving efficiency for others while simplifying processes and developing new ones. Before moving into this role I spent 10 years building and supporting Drupal (PHP) applications, my experience in developing these has allowed me to have a greater understanding of the requirements for a DevOps/SRE role.

Experience of working remotely, taking responsibility of my own time management and able to work with teams based anywhere in the world. As part of my role at Convivio I regularly run stand-ups and meetings both internally and with clients.

Outside of work I maintain my own ProxMox server in my garage where it runs Kubernetes and home automation software/various lab exercises. When not working I love to build Lego, design and build custom keyboards, cook and play with my 2 cats.

Employment History

DevOps Engineer (previously Senior Developer) - Convivio - June 2016 to Present

Cabinet Office National Leadership Centre - I helped to build and maintain an AWS EKS cluster for their now defunct leadership network Connect. The first objective of the project was to compare existing architectures available through the Government such as GOV.UK PaaS and GSP (GDS Supported Platform), while both have their benefits we were unable to use them for our needs so proceeded to build our own. Following building our own we made sure to open source our work to create a repeatable UK government friendly Kubernetes cluster.

  • Terraform
  • AWS
  • Concourse
  • Prometheus
  • Kibana

GDS TechDocs - With the help of others via pair programming we built the API integration for the TechDocs gem. This required an in-depth knowledge of the OpenAPI specification and learning Ruby on Rails. A challenging project but one where I scoped the features we could deliver within the time given.

Internal Systems - Responsible for the development and maintaining of Convivios internal infrastructure.

  • Terraform
  • AWS, EC2/S3/DynamoDB/RDS
  • Ansible
  • Concourse

Cyber Essentials Plus - I have run the company through the CE and CE+ audits to ensure that we’re compliant with their standards. As part of this I’ve also started our investigation into ISO 27001. I chose to run this as a Kanban project to make sure it was visible to everyone what they had to provide and where we were going through the process. It worked really well and there was a very quick turn around.

MOJ Judicial Appointments Commission - Responsible for development and support of the JAC application system.

  • Development of new features using Drupal and PHP.
  • Support of existing features and infrastructure including CI and deployment. Implementing and monitoring the support queue.
  • Application debugging and performance monitoring/improvements at the server and code level.

Senior Developer - WunderUK - January 2016 to June 2016

Ministry of Justice JAC/JARS - Complex reporting functionality across hundreds of datasets. This involved liaising with many MOJ team members to get a greater understanding of the data they have and how they wanted to use it.

Kew Gardens Grow Wild - A large print and TV campaign that required high availability form submissions using a custom PHP API.

Internal Projects - Wunderhub - a headless Drupal 8 site with built in API for exposing various bits of information about users and their skills.

Drupal Technical Architect - CTI Digital - 2013 to 2015

Drupal Technical Lead - Ixis - January 2010 to August 2013

Web Developer - Inphinet - April 2008 – December 2009

Commitment to Open Source and Community

I like to give back to open source communities whether that be in code contributions or speaking at conferences. I’m a confident public speaker and am proud to have keynoted at DrupalCon Barcelona and spoken at PHPNW Conference, two of my bucket list items.

In the past I have run Drupal user groups and hack days focused on committing code back to the Drupal project.

I part administer a mental health support group on Slack for people within the tech community, I’ve also contributed to Geek Mental Health week including maintaining the website and running events. I also attend remote meetups where possible to further my knowledge.


2004 – 2007 – Degree in Multimedia and E-Commerce Systems at the University of Gloucestershire

2002 – 2004 – A Levels, Dixons City Technology College:

  • AVCE ICT (Double Award) - BB
  • General Studies C
  • Physics D

2000 - 2002 - GCSE, Dixons City Technology College:

  • GNVQ ICT (Merit)
  • English Literature (B), English Language (B)
  • Maths (B)
  • Chemistry (B), Physics (C), Biology (C)
  • Geography (C), German (D)

References available upon request.

Last updated 13/11/2020