Mental Health

It got bad then worse

I've always tried to be open and public about my dealings with mental health which is why this post is probably the hardest I've ever written.


Dripster Review

After a recent trip to St Ives and the wonderful [Mount Zion]( coffee I've decided to step up my game and buy some new toys for the kitchen.


My Custom Keyboards

I've got quite an expensive hobby at the moment - keyboards.


Tmux for fun and Profit

I've known about TMUX for a few years now but never got around to checking it out. It's not until the past few weeks where I've spent most of my time in the terminal for various projects that I've really felt the need to dig in and learn the basics.


My dad, business and me

I have this memory of when I was young, we used to go camping in something called a Dandy, one day I remember my dad making sketches on a scrap bit of paper, I was young I didn't really understand what they were but he seemed quite excited at it.


The hardest part of our jobs

There became a point over the past two years where it dawned on me that I was a good coder. It sounds like I'm talking out of my ass but it's true, I noticed when asked to solve complex problems and found the solution came really easy to me. I guess after over 9 years I *get* Drupal.


Hey how are you?

Like most conversations do it starts with a Hey, how are you?. What people don't know is the mental twists that my brain goes through in the split second it takes me to answer.

Mental health

Hello my old friend

I've not missed you not at all. I wish you weren't back but here we are my dear friend/enemy Propranolol.


NWDUG User group and Slack

Around the 9th of September 2015 we set up Slack for NWDUG. Before the slack channel communication wasn't brilliant, it felt to me like our community was just centred around one day a month event.


Split panes in PHPStorm reliably

Here's an easy way to get split panes in PHPStorm without tearing your hair out!