Bugs are way worse than you can imagine 21 Apr 2015

Every morning I have the same routine, open email check for anything urgent, delete all mail from Jira (I get a lot) and then look at the agile board for highest priority issues. Recently this has been a lot of bugs. So I want to talk about why bugs are way worse than you can imagine. In jira bugs are represented as a red dot. Red is a cool (not cold!) colour in both Eastern and Western cultures. Unfortunately for us (western) red is associated with negative things like danger, stop, warning. So imagine seeing a sea of red first...

The Dark Thoughts Are Back 14 Apr 2015

There I said it. I’m angry I want to punch the wall till my fists bleed. I’m stressed and it’s starting to show, the cracks are appearing, I can feel my brain tearing itself apart. I know what I need to do and I’ve set things in motion for that. I hate feeling like this and don’t want it to continue.

Perception Of Mental Health 18 Mar 2015

Fork.md - Forking Etiquette 05 Mar 2015

Github is great, I can chuck up a repo and then let people go crazy with it. It’s a vital platform now in both code storage and

Medication 04 Mar 2015

##Everything I know now and what I didn’t know then. Medication is a scary subject. No one really likes to talk about it and who blames them? Talking about medication puts you out there, it’s easy to find out what those medications are prescribed for. I know now that medication isn’t something that I should have been afraid of. I wish I’d known that starting the medication would have led to some horrible side effects. People should know that anti-depressants fuck with your sex life. I know that medication has to be tailored for you. I know now that trying...

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