Drush Docset for Dash 01 Jun 2015

Last night my drush docset for Dash was accepted into the User Contributed section. This means you can now get the following drush commands offline through Dash: Drush Core Features Coder Search Api Module Builder Migrate Registry Rebuild If you want to use this with Zeal then you can download the docset from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ovihch607piylur/Drush.tgz?dl=0

Can we have a community option please? 26 May 2015

Earlier on today I tweeted that I’d like a community option when submitting a talk to DrupalCon Europe I'd love to see an option for "Community" sessions at @DrupalConEur "Coding and Development" will have to do.— Mike Bell (@mikebell_) May 26, 2015 As per usual 140 characters isn’t enough. @mikebell_ @emma_maria88 @DrupalConEur Used to have a track, not enough success. Try core convos they're usually more suited for this.— Théodore Biadala (@nod_) May 26, 2015 @mikebell_ @emma_maria88 @DrupalConEur its been tried before nobody shows up - so community summit on Monday instead— mortendk (@mortendk) May 26, 2015 no no no...

It's Scrum Jim! 14 May 2015

My colleague and friend Gem Hill has published her first podcast on Scrum and Agile. It’s an interesting insight into the Scrum/Agile process outside of a developers perspective. She raises some good points on the value of acceptance criteria and being flexible in it’s implementation. You can get the first episode here - https://letstalkabouttests.wordpress.com/ - Don’t forget to like/subscribe/comment/socialmediathehelloutofit.

Bugs are way worse than you can imagine 21 Apr 2015

Every morning I have the same routine, open email check for anything urgent, delete all mail from Jira (I get a lot) and then look at the agile board for highest priority issues. Recently this has been a lot of bugs. So I want to talk about why bugs are way worse than you can imagine. In jira bugs are represented as a red dot. Red is a cool (not cold!) colour in both Eastern and Western cultures. Unfortunately for us (western) red is associated with negative things like danger, stop, warning. So imagine seeing a sea of red first...

The Dark Thoughts Are Back 14 Apr 2015

There I said it. I’m angry I want to punch the wall till my fists bleed. I’m stressed and it’s starting to show, the cracks are appearing, I can feel my brain tearing itself apart. I know what I need to do and I’ve set things in motion for that. I hate feeling like this and don’t want it to continue.

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