- Forking Etiquette 05 Mar 2015

Github is great, I can chuck up a repo and then let people go crazy with it. It’s a vital platform now in both code storage and

Medication 04 Mar 2015

Everything I know now and what I didn’t know then. Medication is a scary subject. No one really likes to talk about it and who blames them? Talking about medication puts you out there, it’s easy to find out what those medications are prescribed for. I know now that medication isn’t something that I should have been afraid of. I wish I’d known that starting the medication would have led to some horrible side effects. People should know that anti-depressants fuck with your sex life. I know that medication has to be tailored for you. I know now that trying...

Mental Health and DrupalCamp London 03 Mar 2015

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of presenting at DrupalCamp London and I’ve been blown away by the feedback that I’ve recieved form people. The slides from my session can be found here: Overall I had a lovely day, it was great to see how passionate people are. Thanks to everyone who came up to me afterwards and asked me questions. It was great to have some really challenging questions thrown at me. Here are some tweets from the event: So glad I was able to see my awesome fiance @mikebell_ give his talk on mental health #dclondon— Hannah...

The Surface Detail 27 Jan 2015

The title of the latest book I’m reading struck a cord with me. It’s called “The Surface Detail” by Iain M. Banks. Without too many spoilers it’s about virtual hells. Something which those who live with depression should be well aware of. The surface is something people see everyday, it’s the thing that people standing next to you on the train, your colleagues who sit next to you see. It’s the detail that people miss. I guess I’m being quite spurious here. What do I mean by detail? What’s the difference between the surface and the detail? For me the...

Ubuntu can be pretty 19 Jan 2015

See Ubuntu can be pretty. Theme: Paper - Icons: Moka - Dock: Docky -

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