It's Scrum Jim! 14 May 2015

My colleague and friend Gem Hill has published her first podcast on Scrum and Agile. It’s an interesting insight into the Scrum/Agile process outside of a developers perspective. She raises some good points on the value of acceptance criteria and being flexible in it’s implementation. You can get the first episode here - - Don’t forget to like/subscribe/comment/socialmediathehelloutofit.

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Bugs are way worse than you can imagine 21 Apr 2015

Every morning I have the same routine, open email check for anything urgent, delete all mail from Jira (I get a lot) and then look at the agile board for highest priority issues. Recently this has been a lot of bugs. So I want to talk about why bugs are way worse than you can imagine. In jira bugs are represented as a red dot. Red is a cool (not cold!) colour in both Eastern and Western cultures. Unfortunately for us (western) red is associated with negative things like danger, stop, warning. So imagine seeing a sea of red first...

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The Dark Thoughts Are Back 14 Apr 2015

There I said it. I’m angry I want to punch the wall till my fists bleed. I’m stressed and it’s starting to show, the cracks are appearing, I can feel my brain tearing itself apart. I know what I need to do and I’ve set things in motion for that. I hate feeling like this and don’t want it to continue.

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Perception Of Mental Health 18 Mar 2015

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Github is great, I can chuck up a repo and then let people go crazy with it. It’s a vital platform now in both code storage and

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