Drupal + WordPress Sprints Manchester 03 Jul 2014

I’m proud to announce a new collaboration between the Drupal and WordPress communities in Manchester to provide a space to contribute back to each respective project. It’s a great opportunity to get together and work on the projects that we love while being around like minded people. The first sprint will be on the 19th July at TechHub in Manchester. You can sign up here - http://www.eventbrite.com/e/drupal-wordpress-sprints-manchester-tickets-12157905623 with lunch provided. I’d like to thank Jenny Wong (@miss_jwo) for helping to arrange this, I’m really looking forward to making this a long running collaboration between the two communities.

My Keyboards 20 Jun 2014

I’ve gone a bit mad on keyboards recently, mostly due to geekhack and r/mechanicalkeyboards. I’ve got the following boards at the moment: Ducky Shine 3 - ISO - Brown switches - This is a 75% keyboard, it’s missing the number pad on the right side. It’s a great gaming keyboard and the keys feel nice and solid. This has white led backlighting which is quite nice, mines currently setup to pulse when a key is pressed. KBT Pure Pro - ISO - Brown switches - A 60% board with built in arrow keys, it’s an ok board but it’s not...

The Problem with Points = Time 07 Jun 2014

Take the following not so hypothetical situation: Project Lead create user story and adds estimate of 3 hours. Developers estimate per hours on tasks within user story totalling 6 hours. Where’s that extra 3 hours come from? Who is accountable for the extra 3 hours the project lead or the developer? Planning poker helps here but we don’t do it at the moment so we’re reliant on whoever is available at the time to create initial estimates that this isn’t going to happen. All this assumes that we allow developers into the project planning stage (which we really should). Another...

PSR-4 for dummies with practical example 01 Jun 2014

Every time I come to write a new application I always forget how to use PSR-4 so here’s my practical example Directories: - src - - Digital - - - Epok - - - - Controller - - - - - HomePageController.php composer.json { "require": { "silex/silex": "~1.1" }, "autoload": { "psr-4": { "Digital\\Epok\\Controller\\": "src/Digital/Epok/Controller" } } } HomePageController.php <?php namespace Digital\Epok\Controller; use Silex\Application; use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request; class HomePageController { public function homePage(Request $request, Application $application) { return 'Hi'; } } Hopefully this will help me remember how I should setup PSR-4 with a new project.

The Commit Message Standard 30 Apr 2014

Since we have git flow as a nice standard it makes sense to standardise our commit messages as well. Here’s the following proposed standard: [Updated Added Removed (required)] [Component (required)] [Reason] - [Issue Reference (required)] Action - Updated/Added/Removed - Three options to concisely describe what this commit achieves. If your commit message doesn’t fit any of the words then you might want to reconsider splitting the commit up into smaller chunks (git add -p). Other verbs can be used here but sticking to these 3 as a standard makes you think a bit more carefully about the context of the...

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