PSR-4 for dummies with practical example 01 Jun 2014

Every time I come to write a new application I always forget how to use PSR-4 so here’s my practical example Directories: - src - - Digital - - - Epok - - - - Controller - - - - - HomePageController.php composer.json { "require": { "silex/silex": "~1.1" }, "autoload": { "psr-4": { "Digital\\Epok\\Controller\\": "src/Digital/Epok/Controller" } } } HomePageController.php <?php namespace Digital\Epok\Controller; use Silex\Application; use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Request; class HomePageController { public function homePage(Request $request, Application $application) { return 'Hi'; } } Hopefully this will help me remember how I should setup PSR-4 with a new project.

The Commit Message Standard 30 Apr 2014

Since we have git flow as a nice standard it makes sense to standardise our commit messages as well. Here’s the following proposed standard: [Updated Added Removed (required)] [Component (required)] [Reason] - [Issue Reference (required)] Action - Updated/Added/Removed - Three options to concisely describe what this commit achieves. If your commit message doesn’t fit any of the words then you might want to reconsider splitting the commit up into smaller chunks (git add -p). Other verbs can be used here but sticking to these 3 as a standard makes you think a bit more carefully about the context of the...

Quick and Easy Drush Debian Packaging 24 Apr 2014

I found a really nice way of packaging up drush as a debian package without having to go through all the hassle of creating all the files for a “true” debian package. You’ll need the following: Git Composer FPM gem You can then run the following commands to setup your base environment for packaging: git clone cd drush composer install sudo gem install fpm To test to make sure your latest master copy of drush is working quickly run either drush or drush —version Now you are ready to package the contents up: fpm -s dir -t deb -n...

Drupal Sprints Manchester are back! 23 Apr 2014

After a long break we’re back and ready to get sprinting again. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into Drupal 8 migrate in preparation for my talk at Drupal Camp Yorkshire. More details on the event can be found at don’t forget to read my sprint manifesto here.

Music that shaped me 20 Apr 2014

Back when I was a young kid I remember being influenced by so much music. My Dad with heavy rock from the 70/80s, my mum with Elton John and random Christian based music. Stand out album from this period has to be: The Waterboys - Fishermans Blues - Stand out track has to be “We Will Not Be Lovers”, to this day I love this track. I was recently reminded of this while watching Dom Hemingway, Doms daughter covers “Fishermans Blues” quite well. As a grew up I found the sounds of electronic music. I remember buying so many Euphoria...

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