Must have Chrome tools for Drupal Admin 13 Feb 2013

Here are some really handy tools for when you have to deal with Drupals admin interface Autofill - Automatically fill out forms, great for testing node/add forms with specific sets of data, can store profiles for use on multiple sites. Edit This Cookie - Excellent tool for checking out cookies on a site, useful when testing SSOs. Link Clump - Right click and highlight a bunch of links then open them up in new tabs, more helpful than you’d think when having to test n number of pages during a migration. HTTP Headers - Handy for...

New domain! 04 Feb 2013

I’ve gone all hipster! Say hello to

DrupalCamp NW Wrapup 27 Nov 2012

After taking a whole 24 hours away from anything DrupalCamp NW related I now feel relaxed and chilled enough to write this. Over the past few months a team of 4 people have spent every waking second organising DrupalCamp NW - Steph Hosny, Philip Norton and Paul Johnson. Our aim was to create an event that the Drupal community would enjoy and learn from. I feel we’ve succeeded 110% in this. I’d like to thank everyone that volunteered and helped organise the weekend, without these people it would not have been possible, your hard work and dedication to the Drupal...

Drupalcamp Retrospective Part 2 28 Oct 2012

I never really finished my first Drupalcamp Retrospective post, I missed out a vital point as to why I do what I do now. One of the speakers for the day was Robert Douglass, I think he’d just joined Acquia for the first time and was giving a talk on his Apache Solr module. When the talk started he gave a brief intro to Acquia and left it at that (something Acquia could learn from all these years later, I’m looking at you webinar team), he then proceeded to spend well over an hour and twenty minutes talking very passionately...

The 21st Century Music Problem 11 Oct 2012

I’m in an odd situation, my iPod 120gb has died and I have no mass storage media player. I have a few alternatives but they aren’t feasible with my 250gb+ music collection: 250gb+ music player - these just don’t exist, at least not in the same league as the iPod. Streaming - not feasible, work connection is appalling and not fit for streaming and mobile bandwidth hasn’t caught up with a 21st century media consumer. So what should I do? (Hint: I’m not downsizing).

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