Find and Replace with QueryPath in PHP 28 May 2012

To find and replace using querypath without destroying existing context you can use the following: $temp = qp($output, 'table')->addclass('table'); $output = $temp->top('body')->innerHTML();

Coder Manifest 25 Apr 2012

Herein lies the coder manifest. Thou shalt not commit debug to production Thou shalt create test for everything Thou shalt not commit code to production and not deploy Database shall not be kept it thy repository control system

Managing CLI config accross multiple servers/desktops 17 Mar 2012

After using CLI for more than three years I’ve amassed multiple .*rc files for configuration. When I bring a new server/desktop online I needed a way to quickly import all my settings and get up and running. My standard configuration always consists of ZSH with the great oh-my-zsh scripts. Additional to this I have my own .zshrc/.vimrc/.ackrc configs. I created the following script to automatically install my config files on any new server: #!/bin/bash rm ~/.ackrc rm ~/.vimrc rm ~/.zshrc echo "Removed old config files" ln -s ~/homeconfig/.zshrc ~/.zshrc ln -s ~/homeconfig/.ackrc ~/.ackrc ln -s ~/homeconfig/.vimrc ~/.vimrc echo "Installed new...

Making the web a little friendlier. 26 Feb 2012

Below is a list of rules for Adblock Plus (for Chrome) that remove social media crap from sites. As I add more I’ll update this list.[data-component-term="trends"][data-component-term="user_recommendations"]

Blocking Twitter Trends and User Recommendations using Adblock Plus 04 Feb 2012

To block twitters really annoying trends and user recommendations use the following custom filter: Updated via @emaleroland[class*="flex-module trends-container context-trends-container"] Old:[data-component-term="user_recommendations"][data-component-term="trends"] I’ve created a filter list you can import into adblock plus. You can download it here - Feel free to fork and commit additional filters

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