The 21st Century Music Problem 11 Oct 2012

I’m in an odd situation, my iPod 120gb has died and I have no mass storage media player. I have a few alternatives but they aren’t feasible with my 250gb+ music collection: 250gb+ music player - these just don’t exist, at least not in the same league as the iPod. Streaming - not feasible, work connection is appalling and not fit for streaming and mobile bandwidth hasn’t caught up with a 21st century media consumer. So what should I do? (Hint: I’m not downsizing).

Now You Can Panic 24 Sep 2012

I’ve been holding this off for a few weeks now, but it’s always been at the back of my mind. I’m a developer at heart, have been for over 10 years and I subscribe to the majority of the developer norms (thankfully not all). It’s no secret that I’ve been involved in organising a DrupalCamp for Manchester. It’s hard work and it’s stressful. It’s not something that would come easy to a developer, it’s a task that most developers wouldn’t even attempt. However I feel I’m up to the challenge and the timing is right. This post is mostly about...

Support Ticket Manifesto 23 Sep 2012

I’ve been doing support for over 2 years now, I have such a love hate relationship with it. I hate the generic support requests that go along the lines of “ZOMG IT’S ALL BROKEN” (actual ticket, well not really), but I love the complex issues, those that can actually engage me and force me to bring out my debugging skills. Every support ticket falls into 2 camps, those that make you scream and those that make you think, I’d say 90% are those that make you scream. This is why I’m proposing the following manifesto: You WILL include Browser and...

Switching Off 11 Aug 2012

It’s that time of year again where I need a holiday and the opportunity to get away from everything. This week a colleague flippantly said that I’d be unable to switch off and required an internet connection. I was kind of offended by this as they assumed that they actually knew me. To me holidays are sacred they’re a time when you get to switch off and relax. Something that may seem quite alien to those in the business. I don’t require an internet connection. In fact I look forward to not having one. Sure its handy but switching off...

An open letter to the bbc 31 Jul 2012

Dear BBC, Today I bought a TV license. I do not own a TV. I do not watch live TV. In fact I don’t do anything to warrant owning a TV license. I have however grown up with your science programmes. I look forward to watching the latest show that shows the most fascinating scientific breakthroughs and topics. So as long as you keep on making great programmes such as Horizon then I’ll keep paying. Regards, Mike Bell

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