Using Jenkins CI and Drupal 24 Jan 2012

While building my Drupal 7 profile I started playing around with Jenkins CI. My reasons for doing so were two fold: Code Quality I believe in code quality, there are multiple tools out there that will analyse code and report back using various different metrics. CI allows me to run these metrics on a repeatable basis, if my code changes then the quality changes. This makes me a better developer overall. Repeatable Tasks Jenkins can do anything you throw at it, why not throw at it all your boring repeatable tasks? #Installation sudo apt-get install jenkins Simple! #Configuration After installing...

My first Drupal 7 Distribution and what I learnt 24 Jan 2012

I’ve been using Tumblr for a few months now as a simple way of sharing the images I find interesting and beautiful (can be found at I found it was lacking in a few features that would be nice, being a Drupal developer I thought hell why not try and recreate it in Drupal 7. ##I’ve been here before. I’m not new to profiles, I started playing around with them at the start of 2010 in Drupal 6 for a clients site. It seemed like a great way to get a site up and running quickly and cut out...

Git log between tags 15 Nov 2011

This has been bugging me for a while, the cheap and easy way to make changelogs: git log 6.x-1.0-beta8...6.x-1.0-beta9 --pretty=format:'%h was %an, message: %s' > ~/changelog.txt

Lazy Mans guide to Aeropress - Part Zwei 13 Nov 2011

After having quite a few months off from coffee I’m finally back into it and brewing again. This is an updated method I use for brewing Aeropress without any hassle and only the minimum amount of effort. Hopefully you should get some pretty good results from it. My setup has actually changed since my last post, I’ve ditched paper filters in favour of the Coava Disk. I find this gives a much smoother cup with a greater depth and texture. If your used to the paper filters then when switching to the disk you’ll see a huge difference in a...

Using ack with Drupal projects 13 Oct 2011

I decided to move to Ack for searching as it has nice switches like –php and –nosql. By default ack doesn’t recognise .module, .install or .inc files so you have to add them. Create a .ackrc file in your home directory and add the following: --type-set=drupal=.module,.install,.inc

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