Planning for the other kind of failure 15 Jul 2012

After reading way too much Hacker News and talking with a close friend recently, I stumbled across an interesting problem with new startups and their plan for the future. Plan for failure For those not familiar with this concept it’s a fairly simple one, you take your hipster nodejs/rails app and make it scale across multiple servers and data centres so when your cloud hosting fails your app doesn’t fall over in a pile of flames. The other failure This failure is even more depressing than server failure. What happens when your funding runs out and your app hasn’t taken...

Building Node JS on Raspberry Pi 12 Jun 2012

‘gcc’: { ‘all’: { ‘CCFLAGS’: [‘$DIALECTFLAGS’, ‘$WARNINGFLAGS’, ‘-march=armv5t’], if bld.env[“SNAPSHOT_V8”]: snapshot = “” else: snapshot = “”

Find and Replace with QueryPath in PHP 28 May 2012

To find and replace using querypath without destroying existing context you can use the following: $temp = qp($output, 'table')->addclass('table'); $output = $temp->top('body')->innerHTML();

Coder Manifest 25 Apr 2012

Herein lies the coder manifest. Thou shalt not commit debug to production Thou shalt create test for everything Thou shalt not commit code to production and not deploy Database shall not be kept it thy repository control system

Managing CLI config accross multiple servers/desktops 17 Mar 2012

After using CLI for more than three years I’ve amassed multiple .*rc files for configuration. When I bring a new server/desktop online I needed a way to quickly import all my settings and get up and running. My standard configuration always consists of ZSH with the great oh-my-zsh scripts. Additional to this I have my own .zshrc/.vimrc/.ackrc configs. I created the following script to automatically install my config files on any new server: #!/bin/bash rm ~/.ackrc rm ~/.vimrc rm ~/.zshrc echo "Removed old config files" ln -s ~/homeconfig/.zshrc ~/.zshrc ln -s ~/homeconfig/.ackrc ~/.ackrc ln -s ~/homeconfig/.vimrc ~/.vimrc echo "Installed new...

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