Retiring the forum. 06 Feb 2011

Note: Due to popular demand I'm publishing this early, there will be future revisions. There's a post on the mailing list which caught my attention - There has been some chatter on Twitter concerning the future of the forums on I don't want to relight any code wars on keeping it in house or using external solutions but...... Here is a well supported stackexchange proposal to provide Drupal answers. I think this would be an ideal replacement for the forums. Please offer your support and commitment to the stackexchange site so we can help new users...

Lazy Mans Guide to Aeropress Brewing 17 Jan 2011

For well over a year now I've been using an Aeropress. I started with a crappy espresso machine, then moved on to cafetiere, still dabble with filters (Chemex is on my list of things to buy) but the one piece of equipment I've stuck with has been my Aeropress. Much to the cringe of many people I can't actually brew well with the Aeropress. Every single brew is different, I'm currently drinking what's quite possibly the worst cup of coffee I've made from it in a long while. This is because I purposely brew different, I like to experiment with...

Pro Tweeting, A Guide to 29 Nov 2010

There are a set of rules that must be followed when pro tweeting, failure is not an option, those who fail get mocked. RULE 1Your tweet must include an image of the beverage your consuming RULE 2Your tweet must be geotagged RULE 3Your tweet must contain the current location in alphanumeric form RULE 4Your tweet must contain at least one other twitter user your with RULE 5You tweet must include the hashtag - #thereitis For bonus points you can add the following: 4sq/gowalla, food in picture of beer. So there it is, remember kids always tweet safely.

Module Goto 06 Nov 2010

Module Goto is a small module that extends the great Root Candy theme for Drupal, it provides simple menu that appears on the right hand side of the module page which allows you to click and navigate between the different field sets. This is immensely helpful when you have hundreds of modules available in a multisite configuration. The process is pretty simple, it loops through all the fieldsets on the module list page and creates links to them, it uses the jQuery plugin scrollTo to do the physical movement. I've uploaded the project to github and can be found at: Feel...

MI1 Dynamic Admin Menu 21 Oct 2010

Record the most used admin menu items and create a menu containing those links. Possibly tie in with Root Candys drop down bar or custom menu support. The idea behind these MI* (Module Idea) posts is for me to quickly post ideas that I have in the hope that I'll either write the module or someone else will have a go.

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