Pro Tweeting, A Guide to 29 Nov 2010

There are a set of rules that must be followed when pro tweeting, failure is not an option, those who fail get mocked. RULE 1Your tweet must include an image of the beverage your consuming RULE 2Your tweet must be geotagged RULE 3Your tweet must contain the current location in alphanumeric form RULE 4Your tweet must contain at least one other twitter user your with RULE 5You tweet must include the hashtag - #thereitis For bonus points you can add the following: 4sq/gowalla, food in picture of beer. So there it is, remember kids always tweet safely.

Module Goto 06 Nov 2010

Module Goto is a small module that extends the great Root Candy theme for Drupal, it provides simple menu that appears on the right hand side of the module page which allows you to click and navigate between the different field sets. This is immensely helpful when you have hundreds of modules available in a multisite configuration. The process is pretty simple, it loops through all the fieldsets on the module list page and creates links to them, it uses the jQuery plugin scrollTo to do the physical movement. I've uploaded the project to github and can be found at: Feel...

MI1 Dynamic Admin Menu 21 Oct 2010

Record the most used admin menu items and create a menu containing those links. Possibly tie in with Root Candys drop down bar or custom menu support. The idea behind these MI* (Module Idea) posts is for me to quickly post ideas that I have in the hope that I'll either write the module or someone else will have a go.

Panic Coding 30 Sep 2010

What started out as an amusing joke at work one day has turned into quite an interesting concept. After mentioning it to my colleagues and developer friends on IRC this seemed to snowball into some kind of monster. This is Panic Coding. This idea is simple, you have a development environment with your current project, nothing else, the bare minimum to work on that project/issue. You then have an hour to fix it. At the end of this hour your development environment is wiped clean. If you've not completed it then tough luck.   So how does this work then,...

Drupalcon Copenhagen 2010 Swag! 04 Sep 2010

I think the dust has settled form Drupalcon CPH, at least my hangover is now well and truly gone (although probably never forgotten, damned Awesomesauce!) Overall it was a great experience got to meet lots of really cool people both from the drupal community and form #drupaluk. I've seen quite a few blog posts rounding up Drupalcon so figured I might as well write my own but rather than comment on the rather stupid ... wait for it .... here it comes ... queue the DUM DUM DUUUUUUU Sex Scandal I figured I'd talk about the swag. This was my...

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