Coming to terms with contribution 25 Sep 2015

For a long time I wanted to contributed code to Drupal, I have a few times but no where near as much as I thought I was going to do. I’ve been thinking about what this really means to me and where my contributions come from. I’ve only just come to terms with the fact that my contributions don’t lie within code but belong in contributing to the community. Over the next few months I’ll be doing a few things: Working with Adam Hill to make communication in the Drupal UK community a bit easier. Helping Phil and Eli to...

Did someone say hello? 12 Sep 2015

This week I’ve found out I run a ridiculous amount of chat apps. Here is a run down of what I have on my macbook: Hipchat - for work Skype - for dad and freelance work Airdroid - for my phone Pidgin/Adium - for hangouts, mostly to contact Hannah and Eli Slack - for NWDUG community Limechat - for #drupaluk and #phpnw Steam friends - not often used All these apps fall into specific categories; work, social and play. It seems very excessive.

Running Rocket League on Ubuntu 28 Aug 2015

This has taken me way longer to work out than it should so I figured I’d write this up so people can use it while they wait until Rocket League comes out for linux. I’m running Ubuntu Mate 15.04 with the latest version of Playonlinux and XBox 360 Wired controller. Install playonlinux Install steam using playonlinux Once it’s installed click configure Click install components Install dotnet4.5 Wait freaking ages Install directx9 Run steam Install Rocket League Wait…. Download the 32bit version of Move x360ce.exe into the Rocket League folder inside the the virtual machine Open steam and then run...

Alone in a room of hundreds 19 Aug 2015

Conference season is looming pretty fast, I’m giving talks at two of my most respected conferences. Being able to talk is a great thing, I love the fact that I can do it what I don’t like is the afterwards. It’s an odd time, the adrenalin is fading and tiredness overwhelms me. I usually spend the rest of the day (or what’s left of it) wandering around taking questions and attending sessions. In the evening there are usually parties so I attend them in the hope of catching up with old and new friends. But… I can’t help but feel...

Operation Positive - Day 9 07 Aug 2015

Status: Unknown Didn’t get chance to write a post about Day 9. Can’t really

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