Operation Positive - Day 6 04 Aug 2015

Status: Success Pretty good day overall, stayed calm regardless of what’s going on. Prepping for my presentation on Wednesday which is actually pretty cool. Added a stupid feature to drush-docset so I can demonstrate it. The International is on as well so that’s keeping me happy!

Operation Positive - Day 5 02 Aug 2015

Status: Success!!! Woke up next to Hannah and she was smiling, that’s a very nice way to start the day. Really looking forward into our house. I’m still shattered from London but I’m coming round. No negative thoughts today which is pretty impressive.

Operation Positive - Day 4 02 Aug 2015

Status: Success-ish Still so tired from London. Had a relaxing morning and afternoon though. Hannah came over in the evening and we went for food and drinks which was great. Always feel positive when she’s around.

Standardising Assumes Everything is Equal 01 Aug 2015

Processes and standards are key to a successful project in anything. This ranges from personal projects to large corporate projects. I have a problem with standards though, they assume everything is equal. This is a bit of a brain dump and I don’t have the right answers (there aren’t any) it’s more of a thought experiment. #Tools I built drupaldev-apache/nginx because I wanted something to give back to the Drupal community and it was useful to my daily work/personal development process. Both these tools have been superseded badger

Operation Positive - Day 3 31 Jul 2015

Status: fail I’m so tired. London really kills me. It doesn’t help that my train was cancelled for the second time in a row. I don’t really have much to say today, the only real positive was that I got to work on some static site search research and look into twig a bit more.

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