Operation Positive - Day 2 30 Jul 2015

Status: Fail Overall I think today was worse but I can’t put my finger on why, maybe I just wasn’t trying hard enough. I think that various stresses throughout the day didn’t help. Games night was great though, I had so much fun playing Munchkin and just relaxing with friends. Here’s to tomorrow!

Operation Positive - Day 1 29 Jul 2015

Status: Fail Today was the first day of Operation Positive. The challenge is to not to be negative in the aim of changing how I think. It was a failure but that was to be expected and not a huge problem. Below are things from the day that are note worthy: I ran the internal retrospective there were negative things on there. Way more positive things though! Many meetings, my default state is all meetings are bad even if they aren’t. Struggling to feel like I’m doing a good job. Staying positive is hard and tiring. I’ll try and blog...

Sunrise & Sunset 06 Jul 2015

Three tracks that are totally awesome, they embody a full day from sunrise to sunset.

The Red Side of Mental Health 02 Jul 2015

There’s a side of mental health that I haven’t openly talked about. That side is money. Not an easy thing to talk about. When I went off work I was on full paid leave for the maximum amount of days, I then went on to statutory. Statutory didn’t even cover my rent so I blew through all my savings while I was off work. Like mental health in general the financial recovery has been difficult. I could have made it a lot easier on myself but I thought it was important to at least keep up with at least 60-70%...

Drupalcon Barcelona 27 Jun 2015

This is an unpublished post that I’ve only just got round to posting. I’m writing this 3 days before everyone finds out that I’ll be part of the Thursday keynote. Let me back track a bit. 19th July - Friday - I published a blog post with my candid take on the week. I went to bed then at 00:15 my phone dinged. Hannah was out so figured it was her getting in touch, I have pretty stringent rules on my phone so only the most important notifications ping me. I check my phone to see an email from Amanda...

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