Operation Positive - Day 9 07 Aug 2015

Status: Unknown Didn’t get chance to write a post about Day 9. Can’t really

Operation Positive - Day 8 05 Aug 2015

Status: Failish I seem to have been all over the place today. Didn’t really get chance to focus on something for more than 5 minutes. Went to nwdug though and I remember why it’s such an important part of the Manchester Drupal scene.

Operation Positive - Day 7 04 Aug 2015

Status: Fail Just couldn’t seem to get into today at all. Didn’t help that I had no appetite all day and only had porridge for lunch. Coffee did nothing to help me at all. Pretty much everything I worked on today was one of those problems where the only solution was to just start all over again. I find it really tough to be positive sometimes.

Operation Positive - Day 6 04 Aug 2015

Status: Success Pretty good day overall, stayed calm regardless of what’s going on. Prepping for my presentation on Wednesday which is actually pretty cool. Added a stupid feature to drush-docset so I can demonstrate it. The International is on as well so that’s keeping me happy!

Operation Positive - Day 5 02 Aug 2015

Status: Success!!! Woke up next to Hannah and she was smiling, that’s a very nice way to start the day. Really looking forward into our house. I’m still shattered from London but I’m coming round. No negative thoughts today which is pretty impressive.

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