Shamelessly stealing from Lewis Nymans great post I figured I’d do the same and blog about my 2015.


December/January saw me get engaged to my partner Hannah, we’re set to get married this June which I’m looking forward to. It was also around the same time that I damaged my knee. This is something that over a year later is still plauging me.

GLA went live! A huge achievement from my ex-colleagues at CTI. I’m really proud of the site but feel that the technical architecture is very poor, this is something that I’ve promised myself I won’t repeat at Wunder, I’ll try my hardest to get my concerns acted on ASAP.

Drupal 8 Commits

I’ve finally committed code to Drupal 8, it’s not much but it feels like a huge goal for me.

DrupalCon Keynote

Yup, gave the second half of the community keynote at Barcelona. This is a huge personal achievement for me. I’m so happy to have been part of this.


In December I decided it was time to move on from CTI. I had a great time at CTI but I wanted to make a change and focus on personal development. The move has been hugely positive and I intend to blog more about it in the future.

Bought a house

Me and Hannah bought a house together in Manchester, it’s a lovely home and it allows us both to spend more time together and to just relax.

That’s about it, I’m pretty sure there will a boat load of things I’ve missed. Here’s to 2016.