For me the the Drupal community is amazing, it’s always felt like a family, one you can rely on to help and support you.

It’s time for a call to arms, people need to support their local and regional Drupal user groups and events. A lot of these events are volunteer run, it takes time and energy to run meetup after meetup and big events. The people that organise and run these events are quite something, 9 to 5 days don’t exist for them.

So this is where you come in, it’s easy to help out:

  1. Volunteering - everyone needs volunteers, get in touch with your local usergroup or next camp and see if they need your help.
  2. Sponsorship - camps aren’t free, they cost money and no one likes to talk about it. If your a company or individual then please consider sponsoring your local camp/meetup. It gets your name out there and some extra brownie points within the community.
  3. Spreading the word - advertise your local camp/meetup, tell your friends and colleagues, blog and tweet about it. It all helps.

I’m lucky to have worked with some great people on both NWDUG (North West Drupal User Group) and DrupalCamp NW 12 so I know how much the smallest of contribution can help.

If your in the UK and looking to support your local or regional group then take a look at DrupalCamp NW 2013 - - they’re looking for sponsors and volunteers.