So I had an interesting idea while scrolling through the hundreds of modules on our dev site at work. Why not have an A to Z listing on the top of the page which then links to the corresponding section this would would make it a lot easier than scrolling and using find (think of all the dependencies).

I’ll have a go at making it this weekend for D6 then see what it’s like porting it to D7. I’ll also submit to it might finally get me a CVS account :)

On that note I finally installed D7 today, I’m not sold on it just yet, the overlays don’t really add anything to the user experience. I much prefer it when it goes off to a separate page. I guess Drupal is trying to get into the whole Web 2.0 (is it 3.0 yet?) but I say leave it for the front end and don’t mess with the back end.