As I wade ever deeper into the depths of the keyboard world I’m always amazed at what people can do and just how awesome kbs can look. For a long time I’ve wanted something a bit more than just the bog standard board. After spending a fair amount of time researching layouts/switches/lubing/stickering/stabs I finally settled on this beauty:

Qufrency Rev 3 on my desk


  • Drop Panda switches stickered and lubed
  • Quefrency Rev 3
  • Cherry Stabaliser (lubed so they don’t suck)
  • 3mm frosted acrylic stacked case
  • 3mm brass plate
  • The keycaps are some random black ones I was using for a while

Lubing and Stickering

Half way through lubing all ~70 switches I started to curse myself, it’s so damned boring. Each switch takes around 2-3 minutes to complete and it just completely drains your will to live. Is it worth it though? Hell yes. My keyboard sounds amazing and is a real joy to type on. The only thing I’d do differently is box lube the springs, you basically chuck all the springs into a box full of lube and shake until everything is fully covered. It’s a hell of a lot easier than doing the each one separately.

If you don’t want to go down the lube route then at a minimum you should sticker the switches. This involves taking the switch apart and placing a small layer of plastic (the “sticker”) between the top and bottom housing. I tested just doing this on a few switches and honestly the difference was amazing.

Drop Pandas

Are Pandas worth the hype? I’m not sure at the moment they seem ok but I’ll have to type a few more thousand words to be fully sure. Shortly before I was done lubing all the switches I found out about Boba UT4s, I wish I had used those instead since they get pretty damned good reviews.

More Photos

Quefrency Rev 3 close up Quefrency Rev 3 close up on drop pandas Quefrency Rev 3 together