Earlier on today I tweeted that I’d like a community option when submitting a talk to DrupalCon Europe

As per usual 140 characters isn’t enough.

no no no NO, I didn’t say a track, I said an option.

Here’s what I mean:

When you go to submit a talk at DrupalCon there should be an option to select community. Where does this fit in with the main conference? Right slap bang in the middle. Allocate a percentage of each track to a community session, there you go no extra track.

Even one “Community” session a day is enough, allocate a room in the main track rooms and see what happens. I get it’s a bit risky, it might upset people if sandwiched between “Headless Drupal with NodeJS, AngularJS, BadgerJS, HipsterJS” and “Drupal 8 Shocking Truths Revealed” you have a community based session.

Again I’m not saying a separate track I’m saying diversify, the categories that you can submit under are damned impressive but it’s still missing something:

Come for the code, stay for the community.