After a recent trip to St Ives and the wonderful Mount Zion coffee I’ve decided to step up my game and buy some new toys for the kitchen.

First up is a timer - One of the things I learnt while in St Ives was the importance of draw down time. Too long and the coffee is over extracted too short and it’s under. Both very important. The difference is like night and day and it’s made me start brewing V60 again after a long break from it.

Second is a bamboo stirer - Not really much to say here, it’s used to alter the draw down time in the V60, I was using an Aeropress one but it felt too big for the V60.

Third and most awesome is a Dripster

Dripster in action

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I’ve made a few batches of the Dripster now and while it produces something drinkable I’m struggling to dial it in properly. The turn around between drinkable coffee means my time spent with it is quite limited. Would I recommend this, probably but you need to make sure you have the method down perfectly.