I never really finished my first Drupalcamp Retrospective post, I missed out a vital point as to why I do what I do now.

One of the speakers for the day was Robert Douglass, I think he’d just joined Acquia for the first time and was giving a talk on his Apache Solr module. When the talk started he gave a brief intro to Acquia and left it at that (something Acquia could learn from all these years later, I’m looking at you webinar team), he then proceeded to spend well over an hour and twenty minutes talking very passionately about the module he’d been working on.

For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him speak I highly suggest you do. His energy was something I’d never seen before, at that time I didn’t believe that you could actually do a job you love let alone publicly speak about it! I quickly realised that being passionate about something was worth fighting for.

That single talk planted a spark in the back of my mind that would drive me towards becoming a Drupal developer and making the decisions I did to get where I am today.