I think the dust has settled form Drupalcon CPH, at least my hangover is now well and truly gone (although probably never forgotten, damned Awesomesauce!)

Overall it was a great experience got to meet lots of really cool people both from the drupal community and form #drupaluk. I’ve seen quite a few blog posts rounding up Drupalcon so figured I might as well write my own but rather than comment on the rather stupid … wait for it …. here it comes … queue the DUM DUM DUUUUUUU Sex Scandal I figured I’d talk about the swag.

This was my first outing to a major conference so I have no other benchmarks but I don’t think I did too badly:

  1. Bucket load of stickers! Probably around 30-40, my favorite being the Kitten Killers.
  2. Open Publishing T-Shirt, not bad quality, the design is ok as well.
  3. Rack Hosting T-Shirt, same as above really, not sure about the design though, perfect painting tee.
  4. VPS.NET stress robot, copy much???
  5. Drupal Gardens grow-your-own thingy, I’ve given this to my mum as pretty much every attempt I’ve ever made at growing something has ended in disaster.
  6. Random notebook, nope not the electronic kind the paper kind. This is the 21st Century people.

And last but not least probably the best swag I think you could ever get was a VPS. Yes a whole VPS. No strings attached just a free VPS for a year. I was a bit wary about it at first but it seems legit, full root, 512mb of RAM, 10gb HDD, 100gb BW.

I’m still deciding on what to do with mine, so far I’ve attempted the Omega8cc aegir/nginx install but not had much luck with that. Will probably end up putting regular aegir on and then installing pirc and znc.

So that’s about it really, good times had by all plenty of learning was done, plenty of drinking too.