I have a finite amount of energy. My energy comes in a few different forms, all important to how I feel on a day to day basis.

I find myself applying energy in the wrong place now. Energy that I put in often doesn’t yield the results I expect or frankly deserve. I’ve found myself questioning more of my decisions recently and the outcome of that has been eye opening to me.

At the moment I put my energy in to the following things:

  • Work, coding and process.
  • House
  • Family
  • Community

The energy I put into all these things is something I’m quite proud of considering my situation however I’ve been slowly changing things.

I’m shifting my energy from work (except coding) because I don’t get the results I expect out of it. It’s a waste of energy to be involved in process when I enjoy coding so much. This is pretty tough though, I have a lot of pride in what I do, I strive to always do my best, promote coding standards, limit and remove technical debt. All these things I enjoy so much. But I think I’m getting too invested in the project and end product. The energy I put in does not equal the return I get. I spend too much time being worried, nervous and down at how things are going even though I’m doing my best.

Now that I’ve moved into my new house I need to focus more energy on it, there are so many little things that need doing (which reminds me I need to sort the washing machine out tonight!). The return of energy in my house is enormous being able to come home and crash on my sofa is amazing.

With the new house comes Hannah, she’s awesome and deserves me at my best without her I don’t think any of this would be worth it.

Community has always been something I love, I want to spend even more time working in it. This comes in two forms. I intend to submit as many CFPs as possible over the next few months and I want to commit even more code to contributed projects. There’s a buzz I get from working with the Drupal/PHP community that just can’t be beaten.

With the end of this post comes a new caveat to my blog:

Views and opinions represented here are mine and not representative of my employer.