After having quite a few months off from coffee I’m finally back into it and brewing again.

This is an updated method I use for brewing Aeropress without any hassle and only the minimum amount of effort. Hopefully you should get some pretty good results from it.

My setup has actually changed since my last post, I’ve ditched paper filters in favour of the Coava Disk. I find this gives a much smoother cup with a greater depth and texture. If your used to the paper filters then when switching to the disk you’ll see a huge difference in a number of different factors, namely speed of the plunge. My one issue with the disk is that coffee seems to stick to the disk when you plunge, this probably has some effect on the overall cup but I’ll come to how I combat that in the instructions.

The one piece of equipment I really really wish I had is a VarioV60 Kettle just to give some kind of flow control as my kettle really sucks and it’s very difficult to get a even pour. This may all sound like hard work but it’s not trust me! So now for the steps:

  1. Boil kettle…
  2. Pre-heat cup with hot water
  3. Pour grinds into inverted aeropress (usually around 3cm up when plunger is at 5).
  4. Leave water to cool for 30s to 1min.
  5. Pour water over grinds evenly, I don’t pre-wet as it’s futile with my kettle. If done correctly you should see a nice crema.
  6. Stir 5-6 time to make sure grinds are soaked.
  7. Leave for 1 to 1:30 mins
  8. Pour hot water out of cup
  9. Stir grinds once more to make sure that none stick to the disk
  10. Put on disk and plastic cover
  11. Invert and plunge (plunging should roughly take 15-30 seconds depending on grind size, my pre-ground filter from Hasbeans takes roughly 20 seconds)
  12. ???
  13. DRINK!

13-ish steps for a nice cup of coffee not bad, total time of process when streamlined is roughly 4 minutes.