I really enjoy the sprints however there are few issues, some from me and some brought up by others who attend the sprints. I’m hoping to address them. With this in mind here is a revised manifesto for upcoming sprints:

  1. Must have a laptop - it’s there in the meet up description!
  2. This is not the NWDUG user group - we’re not here for every day Drupal problems, please check the next NWDUG meet up where your questions will be more than welcome.
  3. Must have a beginners knowledge of git - I’m looking into running Drupal ladder but it’s not there yet.
  4. Must be ready to delve into a problem and have the tools ready to do so.
  5. Must have a working copy of Drupal running - this can be Drupal 7 or 8 (assuming HEAD isn’t broken)
  6. Must be ready to actively contribute and not leech.

It’s important that everyone that comes to the sprints feels like they’re not being imposed on and that everyone gets out what they expect. Ultimately I want everyone to be happy with the sprints. I’ll be linking to this post on every future meetup.com event.

If anyone has any concerns with the above please feel free to contact me.