Everything I know now and what I didn’t know then.

Medication is a scary subject. No one really likes to talk about it and who blames them? Talking about medication puts you out there, it’s easy to find out what those medications are prescribed for.

I know now that medication isn’t something that I should have been afraid of.

I wish I’d known that starting the medication would have led to some horrible side effects.

People should know that anti-depressants fuck with your sex life.

I know that medication has to be tailored for you.

I know now that trying to go cold turkey is a bad bad thing.

I know now that I’m in a happier place because of them.

I don’t know how long I’ll be taking them for, and recently I’ve realised that that’s ok.

I know that more people are on medication than I originally thought.

I don’t know if what I’m feeling is medication or part of my recovery.

I know that betablockers do a great job but really screw you over if you need to get the blood pumping.

I know that Utopia is an awesome TV show after watching it over a 24 hour period where I couldn’t sleep because of the medication.

These are just some of things I’ve learnt over the past 6 month. This is all anecdotal evidence and not something they put on those horribly depressing side effect sheets.