After a conversation erupted on #drupal-uk about using the right tool for the job I decided that I would move my blog to something that was right for the job.

Why move from Drupal?

Firstly Drupal is great! I love working with it on a daily basis but it’s overkill for what I need. I have more half finished attempts at adding a cool feature on the old Drupal site than I care to admit to.

Drupal allowed me to get an idea of what I wanted from a blog this is something that influenced greatly my decision to move to Ghost.

What do I want?

A simple blog, something I can’t add features to outside of simple HTML and something that is pretty. I just need a platform I can log in to and write it’s as simple as that.

Why Ghost?

Ghost has a number of challenges for me:

  • No import from Drupal
  • Runs on NodeJS
  • Requires redirect fudging
  • No comment system

These are all great reasons to move! I ended up forking a module to fix a Drupal export to Ghost JSON which can be found here -

I had to learn a bit about hosting nodejs and what was required.

I will be moving my disqus comments over as soon as I figure out what the best way to do this is.

If you have any issues or suggestions on the site then shoot me a message on twitter.