Back when I was a young kid I remember being influenced by so much music. My Dad with heavy rock from the 70/80s, my mum with Elton John and random Christian based music. Stand out album from this period has to be:

The Waterboys - Fishermans Blues - Stand out track has to be “We Will Not Be Lovers”, to this day I love this track. I was recently reminded of this while watching Dom Hemingway, Doms daughter covers “Fishermans Blues” quite well.

As a grew up I found the sounds of electronic music. I remember buying so many Euphoria CDs and listening to them non stop. Electronic music specifically trance and house represented a feeling that was totally new in my musical history.

My teenage music tastes varied widely, from electronic music I found myself listening to more and more emo/screamo. I remember a friend in secondary school lending me a Limp Bizkit album which was pretty good for the time. I then moved on to Linkin Park, Hybrid Theory was pretty much a well rinsed album during that period of my life. I also moved on to Metallica and their earlier stuff. I coveted Master of Puppets and Ride the Lightning as must have albums.

When I went to university my tastes altered towards Deftones, I remember falling asleep to their self titled album after many a drunken night out. Deftones will always have a special place in my heart for all their amazing music. I was also massively into Alexisonfire, I dragged my brother to a gig of theirs in Leeds and remember watching one of the band members constantly snorting white snot out of his nose while the entire place moshed out.

In what can only be classified as my working years I’ve found a home in more electronic music, I started listening to more trance again and from there moved solidly into Drum and Bass.

Now I’ve come to appreciate all types of music, I’m currently listening to Burial. I tend to listen to quite a wide range of music and realise now how much it’s shaped who I am.