I have this memory of when I was young, we used to go camping in something called a Dandy, one day I remember my dad making sketches on a scrap bit of paper, I was young I didn’t really understand what they were but he seemed quite excited at it.

Fast forward through the years and I’ve seen my dad build a business from nothing. Developing Powershade and various other products he’s built a successful company, one that I never really understood but feel immensely proud of.

The thing is I never understood how hard he worked for it. When your young money isn’t a thing, it just doesn’t exists. Food appears on your plate you go on holidays and that’s it. It’s not until you get older that you understand what money is and how you get it. It doesn’t come easily.

I have a post about the first six months at Convivio, I’ve not published it. You can find it in the github repo under _drafts. It feels weird publishing it now, it’s way more than six months since we first started and so much as happened.

I get it now, I get what my dad went through, it’s hard. Start up life (fuck that phrase) isn’t everything Hacker News would have you believe, culture is what you make it. We have an amazing culture something I’m so proud of. Something I’ve put my heart and soul into to build what we have now.

It’s not easy, it won’t be easy, nothing worth while ever is. Thanks Dad, thank you for sharing your business with me, the voice that’s given me advice whether I’ve liked it or not. Remember though, I always told you bumsteerinvestments.com was a bad idea.