All my keyboards

Time for an update on my keyboard collection! After part 1 I’ve expanded the collection and gotten rid of a few.

  • Top left - YMD09 macro pad aka the zoom killer.
  • Top - KBD75 - Gateron Browns, I’m typing this post on it right now.
  • Middle - Winkeyless b.87 - Gateron Browns with Raindrop Round 2 on, this was my previous daily driver.
  • Bottom - Iris - Zealios 67g and Gateron Browns, this is a keyboard I really should get used to using but just can’t.
  • Right - Fourier - Gateron Blues, I need to put keycaps on and start using it.

I really love everything about keyboards, they’re such an important part of my daily life as a DevOps Engineer. It’s taken me a while to get used to some of the layouts.

My next build and hopefully final one is going go to be a Sinc, I suggest you check it out it looks awesome.

In my last blog post I mentions building a Let’s Split, I joined a group buy on Reddit which didn’t go through and we all got ripped off when the runner just disappeared with the money. It sucks but that’s the risk you take, I know only buy from suppliers that I trust 100%.