I’ve gone a bit mad on keyboards recently, mostly due to geekhack and r/mechanicalkeyboards. I’ve got the following boards at the moment:

Ducky Shine 3 - ISO - Brown switches - This is a 75% keyboard, it’s missing the number pad on the right side. It’s a great gaming keyboard and the keys feel nice and solid. This has white led backlighting which is quite nice, mines currently setup to pulse when a key is pressed.

KBT Pure Pro - ISO - Brown switches - A 60% board with built in arrow keys, it’s an ok board but it’s not standard key sizes on the right hand side of the board make it a pain to get used to. Like the Ducky this has white backlight which can get really bright, no fancy display modes though.

Poker 2 - ANSI - Brown switches - Another 60% board without the physical arrow keys which means the keys have a much better layout and size. It has white thick PBT caps which make for a nice feel and quietens the keyboard down a bit as well. It doesn’t have any led lights (apart from caps lock) but you can easily fit those as a mod.

Each one has it’s pros and cons. I use the Ducky at home for gaming and the Poker 2 at work for coding.

I’m currently waiting on shipment of some LEDs for the Poker 2 and a new set of Raindrop key caps although I’m not sure which keyboard they’ll be going on yet, part of me wants to spray the Ducky white so it fits with the colour scheme.

After modding my Poker 2 with LEDs I’m going to make a GH60 which is another 60% keyboard but with multiple programmable layers and support for any layout you can think of.