Another year, another release of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu has been my choice of frustration ever since version 5 I think, it’s been that long ago I can’t remember.

Every year I’ve said myself that I’ll ditch windows and move to linux. Below is a rough timeline of every single fail I’ve had with linux.

  1. Ubuntu 5 - Wifi card plainly refused to work, my knowledge of linux was low so I gave up after a few hours.
  2. Ubuntu 6 - Wifi card refused to work, spent 2 days trying to get it to work. Graphics card was buggy.
  3. Ubuntu 7 - Wifi card worked with 7.04 upgrade to 7.10 broke it and refused to work again, spent another 2 days trying to sort it all out. I think this was around the time the first set of unofficial nvidia card drivers came out (envy?) which was amazing, a graphics card that actually worked.
  4. Ubuntu 8 - Wifi no longer works, I didn’t even try to bug fix, another year another fail.
  5. Ubuntu 9 - Wifi works!!!!!!! Can you believe it it actually works and out of the box too! Switched to ATI graphics card, never did figure out why it didn’t work properly.
  6. Ubuntu 10 - No longer need wifi, ATI cards works great apart from a few hiccups with dual screen which were resolved by some tinkering. Sound card doesn’t work. Not giving up yet though.

So there you go, it’s not that I haven’t tried and my knowledge in linux has vastly improved over the years. It appears I’m cursed.