One of the things I’ve found quite hard to accept is how awesome my support network has been over the past few months.

Hannah - She’s taken days of work to sit with me and keep me company when times were the darkest, she’s looked after me in so many different and amazing ways. She’s fattened me up on sweets when I’ve been unable to eat and provided an endless supply of tea even if she’s still got a way to go when it comes to brewing properly!

Parents - My mums also taken time off to come see me and take me to their new home for a few days of escape. My dad has been there to talk to even if he’s not fully understood what I’ve been going through. Both are always there to look after me if needed.

Friends - There have been a few people who I’ve told about things before I started blogging about it and they’ve always been there if I’ve needed. The feedback I’ve had from people over the past few days about my posts have been great and I’ve found it quite difficult to think of an adequate response to messages.

Work - All my colleagues have been really great at providing all the support I’ve needed. They’ve allowed me to have as much time off as I’ve needed (at full pay as well) without the need for a sick note (something my doctor couldn’t get her head around). They’ve supported my phased return and made considerations for easing me back into work. Both our company retreat (which I couldn’t make) and Christmas get together were in locations that were really close to me so I didn’t have to travel far, this came at the expense of the others having much longer journeys.

Therapist - My therapist is great, I get exactly the type of therapy that I need and it allows me to explore my thoughts and emotions without having to worry about being judged by family or friends.

Overall I’m pretty damned lucky to have the best support network I could hope for. withouth them I don’t think I’d be as recovered as much as I am.