The following was written and unedited on 13th March 2013 the day after my Grandma died.

Death is never an easy subject to tackle, it’s something that everyone must face in their own time. Whether it be a close relative or friend death happens and you can’t avoid that.

What perplexes me is why death is such a taboo subject, gone are the days when the thought of it used to paralyze me with fear.

Yesterday my grandma passed away and I’m happy, yes happy. She was in a lot of pain and she wasn’t the person I knew her to be. I subscribe to no major religions but I like to think she’s in a better place now whatever that may be.

The majority of my granparents are now gone, none have passed in nice ways. All have suffered in some way, lately it seems more horrific. I’m a firm believer in Euthanasia, there comes a point when people just want to pass on. I don’t understand why it’s not possible to help your loved ones do this in the UK.

The following was written on the 27th March nearly a week after the funeral.

I considered deleting the above as understandably I was emotional, however I feel it’s still relevant.

I remember my Grandpa being ready even when cancer had robbed him of his former glory. I remember shaking his hand and him saying how proud he was of me and I left the room never to see him again. I remember how frail he looked. That is a memory I wish I didn’t have, it over shadows the other good memories.

While my parents and family were sorting out my grandparents house my uncle found a book on perfumery and asked to pass it on to me, these are the memories I want to have of my grandparents.

My thoughts on Euthanasia will not change and while it’s not always applicable I find it quite sad that the UK treats people as criminals when they’re helping with their relatives last wishes.

I hope to live to see the day when it’s no longer a crime and people are given the right to assisted suicide.

I don’t have a living will (yet) but I’ve spoken to my Dad about the death and my plans should anything happen to me. We both have a mutual understanding of what has to be done.