Recently I had to work on a server that was heavily restricted by a third party company. They were using an archaic version of drush so I decided to change it!

I have no access to sudo or any form of root account, this made things even more interesting. No wget either.

  • Download drush 6.2.0 to local machine
  • Download console_table 1.1.3 (has to be this version)
  • scp both drush and console_table to remote server
  • unzip drush to ~/drush-6.2.0
  • tar -zxf console_table to ~/drush-6.2.0/lib/
  • modify .bashrc / .zshrc and add the following: PATH="/home/badger/drush-6.2.0:$PATH” export PATH
  • source ~/.bashrc or source ~/.zshrc

There you go the latest version of drush on a locked down system.