When I decided to leave my last job I had a lot of thoughts running through my head. I knew that moving to WunderUK would be a big change and challenge but I figured it was worth a shot. Of all the thoughts that ran through my head at the time (hell they still do) it was the thought of personal development.

Let’s rewind a bit. For the past decade I’ve had time line of goals, I’ve not stuck to them accurately, sometimes I’d make a big change before a deadline and sometimes after. It’s a great way for me to analyse a situation and find out wether I’m happy or not. Personal development has always been something I just haven’t put much thought into. If someone were to ask me where I’d be in 5 years I’d think to myself “here, why wouldn’t I be?”.

This past year things have changed a lot. I realised I can keep on developing and learning new technologies but where will that lead me? What options do I have to make my quality of life and work life balance even better?

I’m still exploring where I want my personal development to lead me but putting my focus on this has opened up a load of possibilities that I just didn’t think existed.