This has taken me way longer to work out than it should so I figured I’d write this up so people can use it while they wait until Rocket League comes out for linux.

I’m running Ubuntu Mate 15.04 with the latest version of Playonlinux and XBox 360 Wired controller.

  1. Install playonlinux
  2. Install steam using playonlinux
  3. Once it’s installed click configure
  4. Click install components
  5. Install dotnet4.5
  6. Wait freaking ages
  7. Install directx9
  8. Run steam
  9. Install Rocket League
  10. Wait….
  11. Download the 32bit version of
  12. Move x360ce.exe into the Rocket League folder inside the the virtual machine
  13. Open steam and then run x360ce.exe
  14. Configure your controller
  15. Run Rocket League
  16. Play badly.

Hopefully this will help people play a really cool game.