Six months is a long time, it’s a percentage of my life gone.

Just over six months ago things were a lot different. I’d never have guess I’d be here right now writing this. It’s amusing how various acts can shape and change your life.

I watched as fate played a cruel joke on my grandmother as she lost her memory and personality then I watched with relief as she passed away.

I made the wrong decision something I regretted until a month ago.

I met the women who I intend to spend the rest of my life with. I stood by her as her mother repeatedly went in and out of hospital. I watched as her mother died and held her close as she went through one of the toughest times of her life.

I decided there weren’t enough photos of me and I didn’t want to regret not remembering the good times.

I learnt that there’s more to life than working.

I chose to take risks and move out of my comfort zone.

That’s what can happen in six months. So with this day marks my last at Ixis, I’ll be taking a two week vacation before starting at CTI Digital late August where I hope to face new challenges and create some really cool things. My leaving is the culmination of all of the above. My time at Ixis has been great but I’m ready to move on.

Here’s me relaxing recently and learning to start fresh:

BBQ with the Mrs ;)