Starting at a new company is always a daunting prospect, you’re never quite sure what to expect.

When I started at CTI I had no choice but to hit the ground running. I couldn’t have hoped for anything better. I don’t like the periods of not knowing what’s going on the waiting that usually occurs while people find how your going to fit in. None of this happened.

I’m currently project lead on a very interesting project that’s technically challenging. It’s great to be working with some pretty amazing developers and freelancers to build this project and see it come together from a different perspective (lead over developer).

In the first month of being here a lot of things have changed, there are some big plans for the future both in terms of Drupal within the company and the community as a whole. I’m really happy to be working on some internal projects that will speed up development and testing and some hopefully disruptive (in a good way) community initiatives.

It’s safe to say that I got thrown in at the deep end but I’m still here and loving it.

Roll on Friday beers though…