On Friday the 22nd there will be sprints at Techhub which run in parallel with the business day at Drupal Camp NW 13. I’m hoping to be there for the sprints pending confirmation of my holiday!

After the sprints/business day it makes sense for everyone to get together and go grab some food and drinks. Since everyone will be around the northern quarter we should make the most of it.

For food/drinks we’ll head to A Place Called Common, they serve great burgers and have food suitable for vegetarians (not sure about vegan).

If your not fussed about drinking then next door there is Home Sweet Home which serves a great Pulled Pork and Sweet Potato bowl.

After food and a few drinks we can move on to Odd Bar / Trof / Marble Beer House or head the other way to Port Street Beer House / Whisky Jar / Kosmonoaut (also does food but gets really busy). This is up to you guys, they’re all great bars but offer different things.

It’s also worth noting that the Manchester Christmas markets will be open which is always good as long as it’s not raining (can’t promise anything!). The Albert Square (town hall) markets are open till 9pm, they’ll be busy but they offer a great atmosphere and come with beer and food.

Let me know in the comments if anyone has any preferences or would like suggestions for anything. Here’s a map of some of the venues - http://eatmanc.mikebell.io/