A few years ago I adminned a large IRC channel for indie music, during my time as OP I meet a guy called Garrett (film42) we started chatting over our like for indie music and technology. Over the years we kept on chatting and our focus moved away from music and further into technology.

We both have a love for computers and internet technology. From the start of our friendship I knew there was something special about him, he’s driven more driven than most people of that age are.

Over the past year it’s been really interesting listening to him talk about his project Grasswire (http://grasswire.com/). I’ve been lucky enough to be on the outside looking in at a pretty cool project.

Real time web fascinates me, when I compare what Garrett has done with Grasswire to every Drupal project I’ve worked on I’m just amazed at how fast it is and how different technology is. The technologies he’s leveraging to make Grasswire as scalable and fast as it is are great, problems occur that just don’t exist in the glacially slow environment that Drupal lives in, this in turn leads to some really interesting solutions.

As well as having an insight into the technologies I’ve also been lucky to see into how cool entrepreneurship in America is. To me this almost voyeurism into the American tech seen has been an eye opener. I’m quite jealous at the opportunities Garrett has, sure it’s hard work but I’m sure he’ll be able to pull it off.

If you want more info on Grasswire then checkout http://grasswire.com/ and sign up.