This is hopefully going to be the one of the first of many posts going through the motions of organising DrupalCamp NW 2013 or project “WTF are you doing???”

The full title of this post is “We went big, now to go bigger”. What do I mean by this? Well for start 2012 was amazing the fact that we managed to pull it off and provide such a great event means that we have a lot of work to do. So what next? Well…

  1. Money - no one likes to talk about it, but these things don’t come free or cheap!
  2. Venue - this is a tough one, we had a great first venue but if we want to go bigger then…
  3. Speakers - our quality it 2012 was amazing we need to equal this and go beyond.


To get money we need sponsors, 2012s sponsors were great! I mean really great, they made things super easy and gave us the capital to create what we did.

How are we going to manage it for 2013, to be honest pretty much the same way, the major difference is that all tickets will be handled through Eventbrite rather than through Ubercart.


We have some big decisions to make, if we want to go bigger then we’re going to have to look elsewhere. The University of Salford had a max capacity of 150, now this might sound like a lot but you can guarantee that even if you sell out your not going to get that amount turning up, it sucks but that’s the way these things go.

So where else can we go, well we’re currently looking at a few potential venues and hopefully we can pull something together.

By no means have we discounted UoS! But there’s no harm in looking around.


This goes without saying that 2012 had a tough act to follow, this year we’ll be extending invitations out for people to come keynote as well as do special sessions. As per usual we will be opening up community submissions which will go through the same voting process as last year (more to come in a post later).

I hope this post is enough to wet your appetite on what’s to come in the next few months!