As a developer it’s in my best interest to keep up to date with the current technologies and techniques industry leaders are using. Over the past few years I’ve been signed up to many lists from companies that provide webinars.

Every so often one crosses my increasingly unmanageable inbox that peaks my interest. At first I was all wide eyed and eager looking to see what these so called “experts” (a word that no longer has the correct meaning) had to say on the given subject matter. Now not so much. Webinars have become a bit of a joke for me, I see them and think “you know what that looks great” then I have to double check who’s running it.

I get that these things aren’t free and you as a viewer have to pay a price, usually listening to a company hawk it’s services but make sure there’s more value for me!

The last webinar I attended/watched sealed the deal for me, it was about a subject that I needed to know about, just when it got the good part I was greeted by the words “if your looking for more then contact our sales team”. This for me is why “webinar” is a dirty word and will be until someone proves otherwise.