I’m on a train heading back from drupal camp London, after a great weekend it got me thinking what is a camp and where do you draw the line?

With over 300 sign ups its rumoured to be one (if not) largest camps in the Europe. At what point so you say it was a conference? The Saturday saw 5 tracks (3 more than NW) with talks lasting 30 minutes. I’m inclined to say that the original idea of a camp has grown way bigger than expected as the rise in drupals popularity has increased.

With the emphasis on community still being the same the quality has increased massively. I love the fact the UK is now producing these large scale camps, it says volumes for the community and those involved in organising them. I hope this trend of producing camps in the same vein as the early drupalcons continues bigger.

Having said this it makes me realise how far the UK has come in terms of organisation. We still don’t have a central body but I don’t think it’s too far off. I think it’s key that those involved in the camps organisation get together and pool resources to make these events bigger and better over the next few years.